TimeSplitters Developer Free Radical Design Possibly At Risk Of Embracer Group Studio Closure

TimeSplitters developer Free Radical Design is possibly at risk as the subsequent studio closure as a part of Embracer Group’s ten-month restructure plan, according to VGC via sources close to the situation.

There might be some truth to this report, as about 15 or more employees with positions like lead game designer, senior artist, senior technical artist, game designer and IT manager have posted they are looking for work on LinkedIn. There has been no official comment from Emacer Group or the Nottingham-based developer. UK employment law requires companies like Embracer Group to consult employees of the Timesplitters developer a minimum of 30 days before making any layoffs and, if possible, find ways to avoid them altogether.

We have sadly seen a lot of video game industry layoffs this year that have accumulated to over 6,000 total. Embracer Group contributed to that number starting in June with its restructuring plan, which is scheduled to conclude in March 2024. Embracer Group studios affected by the layoffs include Crystal Dynamics, Gearbox Publishing, and, more recently, from literally five days ago, Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios.

Not just layoffs, but as previously mentioned, Embracer Group has closed studios this year, including Volition Games and Cryptic Studios. A possible move is selling its acquisitions, with Embracer Group reportedly looking to sell publisher Gearbox. Suppose the closure of Free Radical Design is to happen. In that case, it will come after two years since Embracer Group revived the developer under Deep Silver, which was creating a new Timesplitters game. The original Free Radical Design was initially shut down by Crytek in 2014 after it was acquired by the company in 2008 and was previously founded in 1999.