Times and Galaxy

Times And Galaxy Sounds A Little Too Real For This Journalist

Look, I am trying to make it in journalism.

Between pitching, chasing, and editing, it’s almost never easy doing journalism. And it always seems that it could all come to a stratospheric crash.

And that is the premise of Copychaser Games’ (Speed Dating for Ghosts) latest game, Times and Galaxy.

You play as the robot reporter for the Times and Galaxy, the Dorp system’s most widely-read regional holopaper, and just an intern — which is far too real. However, if you are a gifted stringer, you can put together interviews and leads in order to snag yourself some headlines.  if you can get the scoop, write great stories, and impress your boss, maybe you’ll get to keep your job!

Every story you file impacts the paper’s reputation and readership. Each cycle, they’re counting on you to construct a story that makes your editor percolate with pride.

Pick your hyper-local story to cover from a list of options, then blast off to investigate, interview sources, dig up clues, and investigate the scene.

As you conduct interviews with over 100 unique sources and impress or annoy your two-dozen colleagues, they will help you become a super-powered truth sleuth.

Times & Galaxy is not working to a tight deadline yet and isn’t due out until next year. But there’s currently a demo up on Steam.