Tiger Blade

PlayStation VR2 Exclusive Tiger Blade Announced

Developer Ikimasho and Big Sugar are working on Tiger Blade for the PlayStation VR2.

Described as an “ultra-intense” experience combining fast-paced sword combat and gunplay, Tiger Blade aims to launch in 2023. A press release indicates it is set in an alternate Korea, and you take on the role of an assassin working for the Horangi chapter of the Tiger Clans. One night, your character is tasked with stealing a package from a rival group and then thrust into a struggle over a rare and mysterious Tiger cub thought to be extinct.

Your character uses a “razor-sharp jingum, grab cover with your grapple hook” and a gun to take on rival gang members. Additionally, several districts within Korea to explore, including marketplaces, docks, and alleyways, all designed to feature incredible action that feel authentic and atmospheric.

Tiger Blade includes leaderboards to add replayability for players, and there will be tons of exclusive features made with the PlayStation VR2 headset in mind, including immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, and headset rumble.

Lastly, the music is high-energy and includes a ton of K-hip hop, including SINCE, Kitsyojii, Bryn, and Bruno Chapman.