Three More Fallout 4 Expansions Are On Their Way

Fallout 4 DLC Header

Our lord and savior Todd Howard graced the E3 stage tonight to announce the last three pieces of DLC for Fallout 4.

First was the Contraptions Workshop DLC which would allow you to build various items to spruce up your wasteland. The contraptions shown off included Elevators, Armor Racks and even Rube Goldberg machines. Contraptions Workshop will become available next week!

Next was the Vault-Tec Workshops DLC. As the name suggests, yes, we will be able to build our own vaults and even manage various things and basically have an in-game version of Fallout Shelter going on. This will drop in July.

And last but no least, the final and biggest DLC to grace Fallout 4’s bleak wasteland. Nuka World! Coming this August is Nuka World, a dystopian amusement park overrun by Raiders. This DLC, like Far Harbor, will be story based and will take place in a totally new area of the map.