THQ Nordic Showcase

Here’s Everything We Saw At THQ Nordic’s Digital Showcase 2023

Let’s start this off by first rejoicing that 2023 is a year where THQ is still kicking post-revival!

And they are doing more than just kicking… they are kicking it old school!

Titan Quest II

Starting with old school is the follow-up is the sophomore outing for one of old THQ’s popular titles: Titan Quest.

The Fates smiled at us with this announcement because this game felt long since left in the sands of Greece.
Build your own Spartan and take on Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution herself, as she weaves malevolence into the Threads of Fate itself.
Grimlore Games takes over, pulling the threads on this adventure and are promising a next-gen experience with unimaginable challenges, striving for exquisite loot, and combining different masteries.

Gothic Remake 

It’s time for things to get a little darker.

Gothic takes us back to the Old Camp — showing us a new view of the Valley of Mines.

South Park: Snow Day!

Question Games and THQ Nordic have given up a look at their first entry into handling the South Park IP.

South Park: Snow Day! It is a new four-player co-op game in a fully 3D-rendered snow brawl.

Join your favourite townies as yet another new kid… and three other new kids controlled by your friends as you celebrate a day off school and save the world.

Welcome to Adelpha.

Cutter Slade — also known as the Ulukaï by the native Talans — must use powerful abilities to reunite the locals and stick it to a vile invader. Think strategically and act as a true hero, making a difference wherever you go.

 Space For Sale

If helping repel an invader an a to a strange planet isn’t your jam, Mirage Game Studios’ Space For Sale will let you colonize it for capitalism!

As an intergalactic property developer, you aim to construct habitats for eccentric alien clients and sell them for a profit!

Yay, capitalism!

If you can’t wait to… capitalize, there’s a Closed Beta going on right now.

Long-running puzzle platformer Trine is back, more significant than ever!

Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy brings new life to couch co-op or single-player. Assume the roles of Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the Thief, and Pontius the Knight, each equipped with distinct skill sets. Together, conquer all the challenges, solve riddles, and vanquish every foe!

Save 20% by pre-ordering ahead of Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy debuts on August 31st.

Alone in the Dark 

Horror games often bring us big scares, but Alone in the Dark brought big stars to the showcase. Emily Hartwood (Jodie Comer) and Edward Carnby (David Harbour) joined to share some methodology behind their respective characters and bring horror to the video game voice acting medium.

Last Train Home

From horror to history.

Last Train Home is a survival strategy game inspired by the journey of a Czechoslovak legion who fought for independence in The Great War.

This voyage will test whether or not you can keep things on track.


MixWorld is ready for whatever you can dream up!

The 400 square kilometre sandbox of Three Fields Entertainment‘s next car-fueled adventure lets you and your friends create courses to carry out high-octane destruction derbies.

Way of the Hunter – Tikamoon Plains DLC

Way of the Hunter is celebrating a year of master hunting with its second DLC and a 50% off discount.

Tikamoon Plains brings a large African Safari-inspired map with many sights to explore and new animal species to hunt.

Additionally, it brings several Quality of Life updates, including expanded difficulty options and a new arsenal of weapons.

TMNT: The Last Ronin

Bobby got excited about this game and already wrote an article about it. So I’m going to be lazy and leave the video here.