This Unnerving Rendering Of Andy Serkis Shows The True Power Of Unreal Engine

We’re eventually going to come to a point where we’ll not be able to tell the difference between a live performance and a computer-generated image. Seeing uncanny renditions of famous actors is already underway, with Death Stranding doing a stellar job bringing actors to life, digitally. I don’t believe we’ll see this for some time, but the candle is lit, and this video of Andy Serkis really pushes those boundaries into new territories.

This video of the famed actor was revealed at GDC, and while extremely brief, shows what a studio can do with the right tools. Created by studios 3Lateral and Epic Games, the two studios showcase what Unreal Engine is capable of. The brief clip of Serkis includes the actor reciting lines from Macbeth.

Serkis is no stranger to the gaming world either, as he has been a figure it both the gaming and cinematic worlds for years now. I’d say he is a pioneer and the best person to feature when something like this comes along.

If you want to read more about the project, head over here.