This Unlikely Patent For PlayStation 5 Is An Eyesore

A potential look at a devkit for the PlayStation 5 is making its way around the internet. The design was discovered by Let’s Go Digital. The design comes from Yasuhiro Ootori who we’ve seen previously physically tear down a PlayStation 4 unit. nieuwe console

There’s also a tweet with more images:

I’m not a fan of the design and the biggest takeaway is that this is likely not the final design of the PlayStation 5. However, if you own a PlayStation Pro (like mine) and know-how loud the unit gets to the point where it drowns out a lot of noise. Seeing a well-ventilated console The fact a developer over at Codemasters confirmed that this is indeed a devkit unit (but since deleted those tweets) makes this look like it’s a real thing.

We can all laugh at it now in a new light though as Let’s Go Digital created a 3D rendering of the PlayStation 5 devkit for all of us to scratch our heads over. What do you think?

Source: Let’s Go Digital