This Official Nintendo Switch Lite Cover Is Awesome

The first thing I did with my Nintendo Switch Lite was to purchase a screen protector and a carrying case.

I’ve been using the newest handheld exclusively since launch, which comes to a surprise to myself since before I’d spent half m time docked to the television. I’m having a blast playing the newest Pokemon title and finding all the hidden gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

So what do I do now that I already own a case for my Lite but find out that Nintendo is releasing the Switch Lite Cover January 9, 2020? Well, I’m going to do my best to secure one because I love it. The cover case is sold exclusively through Nintendo’s online store and retails for $39.99 US, but it’s perfect and I need it.

If you’re interested head to the link but by the looks of it, it is currently sold out and I’ll be playing the refresh game until I can get one for my favourite handheld.


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