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This Latest Look At The System Shock Remake

When you back a project on Kickstarter, sometimes projects bomb while others succeed. Other times, like with Nightdive Studios System Shock remake, start over after losing sight of their original plan. Thankfully, this was a good decision on the studio’s part because after resetting their project, things are looking good. In fact, there’s a new 20-minute video available that’s on their official YouTube channel.

If you aren’t aware, the new gameplay demo is the opening level of System Shock, set aboard a space station in 2072. Having played the original when I was younger, I was never able to finish the game because at the time we shared on computer in the house. With the remake, I’m eager to see what I missed out on. While there is Enhanced Edition out of the original, I feel waiting is the better thing to do.

Also, with the recent teaser trailer of System Shock 3, I’d like to wait and experience the remake, System Shock 2, and System Shock 3 as a trilogy.