PS5 Slim

This Is The The Smallest PS5 Ever Modded

Do you think your PlayStation 5 is too big for your entertainment center? Well, I’m pretty sure that’s a sentiment many people share and for good reason, the PS5 is a behemoth console. Not even two years into the console’s lifespan and people are already clamouring for a Slim model to be released. Sony has delivered slimmer models of its consoles since the original PSOne went to the market and each generation came with some modest improvements.

I think it is a bit premature for Sony to refresh the look of the PS5 but Matthew Perks of the YouTube channel DIY Perks seems to think otherwise. After watching his video and going on what I would consider an emotional rollercoaster, I wholly recommend watching the entire video and watch as Perks goes through the wringer as the project goes from start to finish.

Perks stripped every component from the PS5 and created a custom chassis for the project, leading to a model that’s less than a 1-inch wide. The end result also ends up running the console cooler than the PS5 normally does and that’s likely due to the copper body the entire console is enshrined in.

As the project is ready to be shown off though, Perks runs into a snag as a waste basket knocked over the power brick created for this stunningly slim model of the PS5. However, that’s not the end of the entire project as there is a second wind save at the last second that really makes this video worth watching.

Check it out above and then head to DIY Perks to see what else Matthew is up to.