This Exclusive Death Stranding Console Is Beautiful

Over the last month or so, what Death Stranding actually is and what we’re supposed to be doing has been shown off thanks to Tokyo Game Show.

I’m on board for the experience, even if people are finding reasons to complain and denounce the game as little more than a walking simulator. I’m not phased by the negativity of these naysayers, and you shouldn’t be either! This is about personal experiences with the material, not what others say from never touching the game.

Seeing this new, beautiful PlayStation 4 Pro with a Death Stranding aesthetic revealed today during the PlayStation’s State of Play excites me. It’s gorgeous for a console and includes a white coloured console with black handprints, a translucent yellow DualShock 4 (with baby included!) and 1TB of space and the game on disc.

So when can you get the new, themed PlayStation 4 Pro? November 8, 2019.