Thirsty Suitors

Thirsty Suitors Announced at The Game Awards

Jon “Bon Jovi” Bongiovi once asked us who says you can’t go home? And he kind of answered that question in song.

But Outerloop Games want their shot at doing that with Thirsty Suitors — a game about going home for your sister’s wedding and getting caught up in small-town drama, broken hearts, and expectations. Player character Jala will face her evil exes Scott Pilgrim style in an immersive RPG that throws skateboarding, cooking, and more as means of doing battle!

While details about a release are scarce as of right now, indie dream publisher Annapurna is helping in telling this story. Its one that Game Director Chandana Ekanayake says is about, “Complex family dynamics, navigating personal relationships and, ultimately, reconciliation.”  He continues, “Annapurna Interactive is the perfect partner to deliver the Thirsty Suitors.”