Third Hitman Episode: Marrakesh Launches Today

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In, ‘A Gilded Cage, Agent 47 travels to the market city of Marrakesh to target corrupt private banker Claus Strandberg and his accomplice Army General Reza Zaydan before the city of contrasts collapses into a riot.

“Marrakesh marries the concepts of the first two offerings of HITMAN – Paris and Sapienza,” said Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at Io-Interactive. “We have the fortressed, at times claustrophobic, nature of the Showstopper event in Paris combined with the expansiveness and lived-in feeling of Sapienza all in one. I think Marrakesh is really going to give players a lot to explore and experiment with.”

Marrakesh plays out as a stealth sandbox featuring two targets and a whole bunch of opportunities and challenges to explore which a living environment that takes you from the crowded markets to magical souks, from the elegant Swedish consulate to the military-occupied remains of an abandoned school. Infiltrate the consulate under siege to kill a man whom everybody hates, and assassinate the army general that freed him from his prison shackles in the third episode of the intense Hitman series.