There’s Quidditch In My Halo 5


From the video’s description – Everyone has Gravity Hammers and Swords. The goal is to grab the ball and score it through one of the hoops. Sound simple? It’s not. 3 points for throwing through the hoops, 1 point for ground pounding through. 15 points to win.

Grifball is a popular community game in Halo 5 and feels like a mixture of Halo and the wildly successful Rocket League. There are two teams who like any other game need to score on the opposing team to win, but there are bombs on the field, and there’s Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords.

Suddenly this isn’t your father’s game anymore and you’re now playing a version of Quidditch unlike the movies or the books of Harry Potter.

If this interests you,  you can get the game here and the map here.