1 vs 100

There May Be Hope For A 1 vs 100 Type Show For Xbox

I was hooked back during the Xbox 360 days, aside from the trove of excellent games coming at a frantic pace, Xbox released one of my most missed experiences in gaming; 1 vs 100.

Nostalgia has me thinking it lasted a lot longer than it actually did, but the short time spent playing the online game show were some of my fondest memories on the Xbox 360. It’s sad that the experiment didn’t last a full year but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful. The fact people are still talking about 1 vs 100 to this day is a testament to its popularity. In the twice a week show, you and your Xbox Live friends could join a session where real prizes were up for grabs, including cash and games.

As such, when I read this article on Stevivor via Destructoid, I was excited to hear that Phil Spencer knows how popular the show was, and spoke about it at X019. “We should do it again,” says Phil Spencer to Stevivor. He then goes on to talk about that while the 1 vs 100 IP is owned by another company, Xbox is considering its options on a similar show or similar ideas that fit the mould for what Xbox finds fits best. According to Phil, and I agree, the format was “a little ahead of its time.”

We’ve seen new types of interactive trivia pop up on mobile over the last few years, including the biggest one, HQ Trivia as well as the now-defunct Arena, which shuttered one year ago. We’ve hit a time where joining something like this is as easy as opening an app on our phones, so if Xbox develops their own which is similar to Xbox Live, the possibilities are endless. For now, though, Phil Spencer and Matt Booty are brainstorming ideas and would like to eventually see the return to Xbox.