There May A New Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater This Year

Yet another rumour is currently being sent around the internet, and it’s circling for months now that a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is in the works. At this point, either we hear about it soon or these guys are just out of their minds and thinking of something else entirely. I’m still undecided.

Jason Dill, a professional skateboarder was The Nine Club, a podcast for skateboarders had Dill on and he mentioned in passing how he was asked to be in the next game. Talking to the host, Chris Roberts, Dill goes on to mention that he only agreed to be in the video game if his music and his own boards make it into the game, which corroborates a few other people mentioning a new game.

Even with all this proof currently on the internet, it’s hard to confirm anything at the moment. No official channels including Activision and even Tony Hawk himself have said a word about it. I’d take anything at this point, but for now, Skater XL can scratch that itch I have for a skateboarding game.

Source: Gematsu