The Witcher Coming To Monster Hunter World, New Expansion Announced

Today Capcom revealed not only a new expansion for their massively successful but that CD Projekt Red would be teaming up with them to bring Geralt to Monster Hunter World.

The news came from a lovely trailer that introduced Geralt of Rivia as he traveled from his dimension to that of Monster Hunter. There will be several unique quests that offer a new type of gameplay that combines the RPG mechanics of The Witcher with Monster Hunter World.

Doug Cockle returns to voice Geralt of Rivia.

Secondly, an entirely new expansion was revealed in form of Iceborne. The new expansion isn’t out until Autumn 2019 and will feature new quest ranks, locales,monsters, moves and gear in addition to a full narrative experience that continues on from the ending of World.

And lastly, a new special event quest begins on December 20. The event features the Kulve Taroth Siege, which allows up to 16 players in teams of 4 to team up toward a common goal. Also a tougher Arch Temperedversion of this colossal monster which yields more powerful rewards await hunters. As another special thank you to hunters around the world, to mark a year since Monster Hunter World launched we’d like to announce The Appreciation Fest, comingup on the anniversary of the game’s release in January 2019. The AppreciationFest will include a newly decorated Gathering Hub, special equipment that canbe obtained in brand new quests and a slew of new anniversary quests for everyone.