The Thaumaturge

The Thaumaturge Announced

From 11 bit studios and developer Fool’s Theory

The Thaumaturge is described as an isometric RPG with a unique take on turn-based combat and character development features with investigation mechanics. It comes from publisher 11-bit studios and developer Fool’s Theory.

Set in 1905 Warsaw, you’ll be left dealing with ethereal beings called Salutors under the rule of Imperial Russian tsardom. The residents are a diverse bunch with varying views and beliefs which sometimes conflict. The city of Warsaw is lively with aristocratic parties celebrating high society.

However, as great as things are, Thaumaturges exist. These individuals are versed in taming the spirits known as Salutors, used to manipulate the temperaments of other people and even be used in combat. Only Thaumaturges are aware of the true nature of the Salutors and can perceive them in their true form.

Fool’s Theory promises a fully-fledged RPG where your choices will unlock consequences. There’s a ton of gameplay where you influence and manipulate other humans.

No release date was given but it has so far been confirmed for PC.