The Talos Principle DLC: Road To Gehenna Is Out Now

The Talos Principle Review

One of the better games to come out in recent memory, The Talos Principle is coming back with some excellent DLC.

The puzzles that await seasoned players the subtle mechanics of the original game is a challenge never before seen. In a completely new environment, the player takes the messenger of Elohim named Uriel the confines of this strange universe teeming, physical and spiritual lines always blurred.  The Talos Principle:   Road to Gehenna  offers a new level of abstraction and reflection.Saving souls imprisoned by Elohim in twenty new puzzles require hours and hours of intense brainstorming between two existential conversations with your new cronies. Plenty to drink veterans in cerebral adventure badly lately.

The Talos Principle  and its extension  Road to Gehenna  are available now on Steam and come out on Playstation 4 in October in a deluxe edition combining the two entities.