The Spawnies Shift To Fan Vote For Its Sophomore Season

Kahlief Adams of the Spawn On Me podcast has spoken, announcing the second edition of The Spawnies Awards, honouring the developers, publishers, public relations, games and most importantly the community that makes it all possible within the gaming industry.

However, this year’s show is going to be running a little differently! This year, fans of the show — or just games in general — can vote for their favourite nominees by replying to tweet threads posted from the accounts @KahliefAdams and @SpawnOnMe.

Voting by tweet response is now open and runs until Sunday, October  23, 2022.

The Spawnies Awards will have nominations available for each of the uniquely named categories with this year bringing two new awards to the ceremony:

  • 6 Million Ways To Die Award (Best Shooter)
  • Snot Bubble Cry Award (Most Emotional Narrative Game)
  • On The Road Again Award (Best Ongoing Game)
  • Indiepocalypse Award (Best Indie Game)
  • Turn Up Award (Best Soundtrack)
  • Oh Snap Award (Most Surprising Game)
  • Ease On Down The Road Award (Best Adventure Game)
  • Jamiroquai Award (Best VR Game)
  • One Shining Moment Award (Best Sports Game)
  • Brookago Heritage Award (Inclusivity and Representation)
  • Cheddar Bay Biscuit Award (Best Game of the Year)
  • * New – Be Water, My Friend (Best Fighting Game)
  • * New – Community Related Award (TBD)

On the following Sunday — that’s October 30th — Adams will host special nominations show over on, at 10 p.m. ET.

After that show, you’ll be able to follow the same process as before to vote for your favourite finalists!

The second annual edition of The Spawnies will air on Monday, January 30th, 2023 at 9 p.m. ET — and will air on the front page of Twitch, as well as