The Smartphone Revolution: Constant Entertainment and Engagement

Smartphones are so commonplace now that we often forget just how miraculous they are. Let’s not forget that this is a device that, up until 15 years ago, didn’t even exist. And now we’re at a point where people are essentially carrying a supercomputer around in their pocket. While smartphones and the internet, in general, haven’t been all positive, no-one can deny their impact on the world. What sets smartphones apart from their predecessors (even such things as the television) is that they offer a near-total eclipse of entertainment and engagement. But in what ways? Let’s take a look.

What’s That About? 

To virtually everyone in history, the access to information that the smartphone permits would be something of a miracle. It’s often forgotten, what with all the cat memes and things like that, but in your pocket right now, you have access to all recorded information, ever. Just twenty years ago, if you were in a bar and couldn’t remember what year Jurassic Park came out, or who was the 14th President of the United States (it was Franklin Pierce), you’d have to hope a library was open nearby, or hope that someone knew. Now, all you have to do is get out your smartphone, and that’d be it. You’d know.

Playing Games

It’s amazing to think of how far we’ve come when it comes to interactive games. Pac-Mac took the world by storm only forty years ago. Now, that looks highly primitive — because it is. But you don’t need a PlayStation or other console to play games. Your smartphone is powerful, very powerful, and there are many excellent mobile games out there. There’s also a wide variety of games, too. Check out this mobile casino guide to see gambling options, for instance. There’s also chess and brain puzzles, even language games that educate while you’re also having fun. In short: there are plenty of outstanding and engaging ways to stay entertained these days!

Sharing Moments

For all the naysaying about smartphones, such as how they’re causing attention spans to drop or people are texting while walking, there is one remarkable aspect of smartphones that shouldn’t be overlooked. They make connections so much easier. Now, you can climb to the top of a mountain, and, providing you have a signal, share the moment with the whole world. In the olden days, you’d have to take a photo, get the film developed, and then actively go round and show individuals where you’ve been. No longer!

Podcasts and Videos

It’s not just the level of information that’s available. It’s also the variety of mediums that are on offer. If you don’t like learning through reading text, for instance, then no problem — there’ll be a podcast or a video that can give you the information you need. It’s kind of hard to say where things will go in the future, but it’s unlikely that it’ll be anywhere other than a place that’s miraculous. So be sure to give praise to your phone for all it can do!