The Sinking City Introduces New Gameplay Video

The Sinking City is an action-adventure with inspirations taken from H.P. Lovecraft  – who is considered the master of horror thanks to Cthulu. Playing as Charles Reed, the player investigates a supernatural flood all the while exploring the city and finding out what controls the city of Oakmont, Massachusetts.

The video plunges the player straight into the game’s mysterious universe: Charles Reed, the detective, is scouring the streets of Oakmont and investigating the cause of the supernatural elements and madness that are devastating the town. Players will be completely on their own in their investigation, helped only by their observational skills and their trusty notebook. They’ll need to explore crime scenes, collect information, and question the inhabitants without any hints or assistance.

While The Sinking City might not have the buzz like bigger games releasing, I’m equally as excited for this title. I enjoy the investigative gameplay elements shown in the video, and how your choices as the detective have consequences. In a city that is literally sinking and the 1920s as a backdrop, the focus on story instead of combat excites me after so many titles this year focusing on that instead.

If you’re interested, The Sinking City launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 21, 2019.