The Outer Worlds on Switch Delayed

We now have a date for The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch, which is coming in just over one month,

Publisher Private Division confirmed the news and confirmed the game will be available both at retail and digitally for $79.99 CAD, but the retail copy will include a voucher to install the game.


In our review, Steve described the game as such,  saying that “It’s a familiar game wrapped in a fresh new setting that pulls you in with top-notch writing and dialogue. The throughline of the narrative could have been broken up by smaller story interjections, but it is engaging enough to make you want to keep playing and see it through to the end. The Outer Worlds is comfort food for fans of the western-RPG genre. The game will toss a few curveballs at you, which may make you think twice about your next action. The world of Halcyon has much to uncover but is never demanding of your time.”


UPDATE – Turns out, the March 6 release date isn’t sticking as the Virtuos team working on The Outer Worlds port now need focus on dealing with the coronavirus. Everyone at Virtuous is fine, but their offices will remain closed for the time being.

The delay isn’t all bad news though, as the extra time means Private Division will now offer physical Switch cartridges with the game available on it.