The Original Xbox Gets The HD Treatment With The XBHD

New adapter upscales your classic games

The retro gaming scene is the wild west. I’ve been digging into it for a few years now and written about it a few times here on the site. Whether it be the cartridge days of the Genesis and N64, or the disc-based consoles like the Xbox and Gamecube, getting a hold of these games and playing them in their original form is difficult enough, nevermind trying to get them to work on modern screens.

Thankfully this is where EON comes in. Their latest hardware accessory is the XBHD; a peripheral for your original Xbox that will not only upscale your games, but make couch co-op and multiplayer super easy.

Halo: Combat Evolved, Fusion Frenzy, Mechassault, and many more have never looked so silky smooth! The XBHD is an easy-to-use add on for the console that only takes a few cables before its ready to go. Plus, it’s available now worldwide.

The device is able to convert the image and “perfectly translated visuals on the original hardware with support ranging from 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions.”


While making the console and its games work with newer displays is fantastic, the ease of a large LAN multiplayer set up is where I get really excited. I could go back to the early 2000’s and remember playing with 3-4 Xbox consoles in one basement playing Halo for hours and hours. Well, now that’s a possibility once again.

“The XBHD removes the need for extra cables, routers, and external power sources for a smooth gaming experience. Host the ultimate LAN Party without a router by taking advantage of three RJ45 ethernet connectors. Register clear audio thanks to the MiniToslink 3.5mm port for headphones, speaker systems, and capture cards.”

EON Gaming‘s XNHD is available now through their website or partners like Amazon.