The Old Spice Campaign We’ve All Wanted Is Here


Old Spice raises the ante for ridiculousness in each iconic marketing campaign and now brings legendary Old Spice guys Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa together for the first time to help guys make a “Smellmitment” https://youtu.be/y_hWeN249fs to choose their favorite Old Spice scent. Mustafa and Crews join in a friendly competition to plead the case for their favored scent and illustrate Old Spice’s tradition of offering different scents for different kinds of gents.  The first “Smellmitment” spot to feature Crews and Mustafa together debuts online today.


Each Old Spice scent brings its own personality, making it easy for guys to find the perfect match for their own sensibility.  Whether you’re the Timber guy who enjoys fresh nature scent, the confident and smooth Swagger guy, or even the Bearglove guy exuding power and commanding attention, Mustafa and Crews are here to help guys pick a scent and make a “Smellmitment.” Crews plays the role of Bearglove Man, while Mustafa does double duty with the roles of both Swagger Man and Timber Man.

In the first spot, “And So it Begins,” Mustafa’s Timber Man opens with his memorable “Hello ladies,” line, and quickly requests the attention of the men in their lives so he can share the glory of Timber’s fresh nature scent.  Mid-stream, in a theme that will play throughout the series, Crews interrupts and jostles for the attention that Bearglove’s worldly confidence deserves.


“The power of scent and smelling fresh and manly helps inspire confidence, and Old Spice’s versatile scent lineup – including popular scents Bearglove, Swagger and Timber – provides guys with products they can rely on to fuel this power,” said John Sebastian, Old Spice Brand Director at Procter & Gamble. “Legions of young guys are still trying to figure what kind of men they want to become and Old Spice is always right there as they navigate the seas of manhood.”

The “Smellmitment” campaign focuses on three of the most popular Old Spice scents – Timber, Swagger and Bearglove – which are available in a variety of forms like anti-per spirant/deodorant, body wash, body spray, bar soap, and 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.


Scent Personalities:

o   Timber Man – For the guy who is a lumberjack at heart, a Timber Man enjoys the fresh scent of nature as well as the thrill of competition.

o   Swagger Man – For the guy who is confident, a Swagger Man can act on his feet and is smooth with the ladies.

o   Bearglove Man – For the guy who commands your attention, a Bearglove Man exudes power and worldliness and speaks with authority



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