nintendo labo vehicle kit

The Next Nintendo Labo Set Is The Coolest Yet

I’m ready for more Nintendo Labo experiements, are you? It’s only been a few months since the launch of Nintendo Labo, but now is as good a time to get more kits as any. The next kit is especially cool as it features a driving theme as you fly a plane, pilot a submarine, and drive a car.

Toy-Con 3 will use the Joy-Con as sort of in-game key that when plogged into the wheel, allows you to control one vehicle that is able to transform into either a plane, car or submarine. There is also a pedal that comes with the kit and is exactly the type of thing I want to see more of in future Labo kits.

I’m also eager to see how people will hack this and use it for other games, and systems.

Th Vehicle Kit launches on September 19 and will cost $69 US.