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The New Monster Hunter: World Trailer Gives Us Elder Dragons!

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Capcom has unleashed the latest trailer for their upcoming Monster Hunter: World launch. The trailer debuted during a live stream in Japan and introduced us to a bunch of new Elder Dragons as well as a few favorites who will be returning.

It was confirmed that there will be post-launch support for the game in the form of regular content updates as well as major title updates that will come at no additional cost! The first major title update will bring the fan-favorite monster, Deviljho, to the game and will launch sometime in Spring 2018.

Capcom also announced that the final Beta will be happening on January 18th and run until January 22nd on PlayStation 4 in North America. Along with all the previously released content, players will now have the ability to battle the game’s horrifying monster, Nergigante.

Monster Hunter: World launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One January 26th, 2018. A release on PC will come later this year.