The New Game From Boss Key is Radical Heights

Cliffy B is back with Radical Heights, the follow-up game to last year’s Lawbreakers. The studio announced it was moving on from Lawbreakers after confirming that their game had failed to find an appropriate audience. With that, Radical Heights has been revealed to be the next project from the studio, a free-to-play battle royale shooter that is coming to Steam Early Access tomorrow!


Radical Heights will be entering a tough genre, which is currently being set ablaze by games like PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds and Fortnite, however, this game features a really pleasing aesthetic, which is filled with a ton of 80’s nostalgia (you can never have enough I say) and is set in 2023, where contestants on a game show battle it out for fortune and fame.

Each match will feature special moments called “Game Show Moments,” with more on the way as the game continues to be developed. At launch, the game will have three of these moments, including:

  • Cash Grab – in-game cash will fall from the sky in a wide-open area for a timed duration. If you stand in it, your in-game wallet will grow…but it makes you vulnerable!
  • Mystery Door – random mystery doors appear in the game world. You have to stand on the plate at the door and wait for it to open, revealing random loot. Be careful, because it makes a lot of noise while opening.
  • Spin Wheel – Spin wheels will drop from the sky randomly. Players have to interact with the wheels and try to time their selection, which is a number of unique rewards

Also, it looks like this game will feature a ton of customization for the player, there’s a ton of gimmicks to purchase to use in the game. There is, however, a Founder’s Pack that costs $14.99 USD which features in-game items and bonuses.

With Cliff Bleszinski helming the project with a team already hard at work, the studio will work with players to shape the game as it provides content updates. This will help guide Radical Heights in a direction that benefits the players, their feedback being key to success.

Radical Heights is available tomorrow and will be free-to-play on Steam Early Access.