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The Most Played Games in 2018/2019?

Every year new games come out. Every year new players come of age to enjoy the older classics, and, every year, trends change. Gaming is probably more significant now that it ever has been. From millions of people streaming on twitch, writing blogs and actually gaming for a living, to the 7-year-old kid discovering a dust grey square called a Nintendo Entertainment System in their parent’s basement. It’s a super accessible past time, and you can make friends for life depending on what you are playing. Obviously, MMORPGs are typically better for that, as they rely heavily on the social factor.

Trends in gaming are really interesting if you are an avid fan of one particular type as PC Vs. Console conversation will live on forever – let’s not even get into that. If you need tips for getting certain games to run on PCs, then check out

What is worth looking at though are the most played games for far of 2019.

We are talking X amount of players at the same time. Not over a period of time.

In no particular order (and some a bit of surprise, but here we are).

Annotation 2019 05 29 104933

Monster Hunter: World

Released in 2018, August, where you’d think people wanted to be out in the summer sun playing. It made a big splash, and apparently, that was just the warm-up. As it was released, it was played by 329,333 users immediately on Steam.

Something to love about the game is that the creators keep on creating. Bringing fresh updates in a steady flow. Monster Hunter: World, now has a beautiful community of players, and if they keep going with the content releases that is likely to continue to grow.


Well, of course. 2018 was the year that Fortnite blew up. And pretty much any night you head to Twitch you’re going to see hundreds of Fortnite streamers. 8.3 million.

Yep, you read that correctly. Epic Games Korea reported that Fortnite blasted PUBG’s number (more on that in a sec) out the water, by in fact tripling it. Fortnite is a fast-paced, skill base, enjoyable to watch and immersive to play. Not to mention incredibly popular – and popular games spread like wildfire.

It is not very likely that something will come along and knock it off the top spot. Although with a Vanilla Warcraft release, you can never be too sure.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS: GO is the type of game that you would probably expect to see on a list of the most played and the most popular. Counter-Strike has had a dedicated fanbase and community for years now, hark back to 1999, and it’s release. They’ve built on what works and produced ‘battle royal’ mode, which was free. So CS: GO saw its numbers skyrocket to 746,548 plays in one moment.

Which is a healthy number by any standards.


Of course, before Fortnite came along and poked PUBG off the top spot, this makes total sense. In 2018 it hit a massive 3.2 million players online at once. But it is worth remembering that many an FP shooter (We see you GoldenEye)  has been the in the build-up to the popularity of these types of games – which might be why PUBG players tend to be older and considered more hardcore. And of course, with PUBG would it have been possible for Fortnite to reach its current standing? I’ll have my shoot’em up with a side of Battle Royale, please.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Weirdly enough, this 2015 smash is actually more popular now than it was before. Reason being? Well, they take care of their fan base by constantly releasing updates and new characters for free. In general, they are highly committed to long term development, and it shows when you get a rekindling of a 2015 flame. Githyp has Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege clocked in at a lovely 176,208 players online at once. Which is no small feat from a 4-year-old game.


Enjoying a constant average of around 60,000 (very nice!) and a peak of 168,215 is massive considering that it was released all the way back in 2013. The replay value of the game, coupled with the endless number of cheats and mods means that its popularity just simply isn’t fading any time soon. And just in case you aren’t sure about its popularity “Grand Theft Auto V” is the third-best-selling video game (110,000,000 units sold).

But, the tides turn quickly and who knows what the next few months will bring.