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The More I See Of Ring Fit Adventure The More I Like It

Earlier this month, Nintendo teased and then revealed Ring Fit Adventure, an upcoming way to play games and keep active. I’m all for games that not only engage your mind but the body as well.

I know that the trailers make this look absolutely silly, and it may be but honestly, who cares? This is the type of ingenuity I love seeing and exactly something I know I’m interested in owning. Exercise shouldn’t be serious and the sillier you can make it, the better it can get. Doing knee-highs or running in place at home is going to get your heart rate up, and we’ll be getting our hands on Ring Fit Adventure next week at an event in the city.

I owned the Wii Fit back in the day, and while the Wii Balance Board was a cool idea, the technology just didn’t feel like it was ready for me. I ditched it pretty quickly if I’m being truthful. More than a decade later though, and Ring Fit Adventure gamify exercise and incorporates the technology much better.

For someone who sometimes lacks the time to drive to the gym, I’m hopeful that with Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure I can at least meet my goals halfway and utilize the Ring-Con and leg strap to get my heart rate up and a bit of sweat going!

Ring Fit Adventure launches on October 18.