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The Messenger Delivers A Message To PlayStation 4 On March 19

After months of being away, The Messenger arrives to PlayStation 4 this month. In fact, you only need to wait until next week to see what Digitial Devolver and Sabotage Studios have in store!

While already available on Nintendo Switch and PC, The Messenger is so good that the original producers on Ninja Gaiden found the tribute to their iconic NES game fitting and challenging. It only makes sense we should consider Sabotage’s excellent game a successor in all aspects. Especially considering the twists and turns encountered as you make your away across the beautiful and racaged world of The Messenger.

Seeing such a breakout hit make it’s way to PlayStation 4 is good. More gamers are now able to experience what I thought was a game with tight mechanics, a stellar soundtrack and rewarding gameplay. Expect an expansion this summer for The Messenger but as of now we don’t know what this entails.