The Life Aquatic With Minecraft

Minecraft’s latest update is all about water! The Aquatic update rolls out today as Phase Two begins for players. The update brings all new forms of ocean life and features that includes over 3000 types of tropical fish, a new weaponc alled the Trident – which has four enchantments – – Loyalty, Impaling, Channeling and Riptide.

Phase One released in May 2018 and brought a ton things like coral and kelp, as well a ton of fish species to Minecraft. The massive hit has seen continuous support for each version of the game.

A full list of changes can be found below. Are you ready for a deep dive under water?

  • Realms are now available on Nintendo Switch
  • The Drowned – These dangerous, underwater zombies lurk in dark, deep water and will come up to the shore at night
  • Sea Turtles – These gentle creatures can be found swimming in oceans and tanning on beaches. Protect their eggs so more can hatch!
  • Turtle Shell and Scute items
  • Potion of the Turtle Master
  • Nautilus Shells – Can be found while fishing or held by the Drowned
  • Conduits can now be constructed underwater and give players the Conduit Power effect. Craft them with Nautilus Shells & Heart of the Sea
  • Bubble Columns – Magma Blocks create downward flowing columns and Soul Sand creates upward flowing bubbles
  • New Achievements!
  • Added new commands that only affect worlds with Education Edition enabled: 1. /ability – Sets a player’s ability 2. /immutableworld – Sets the immutable state of the world 3. /worldbuilder – Toggle World Builder status of caller