The Last of Us Part II State of Play To Be Held May 27

PlayStation is holding a special deep dive on next month’s The Last of Us Part II, with Naughty Dog Vice President Neil Druckmann offering a special preview. The event is set to go live on Wednesday, May 27, at 4:00 PM ET.

While The Last of Us Part II is still a month away from launch, there is still much to uncover and this week’s State of Play is scheduled to run a little more than 20 minutes, with an extended demo sequence showing off eight minutes of gameplay.

Following up last week’s Ghost of Tsushima State of Play, we’re finally getting our best look yet at Sony’s exclusive video games. These titles are closing out the current-generation with a bang and excitement has been simmering for some time. Be forewarned however as parts of The Last of Us Part II have found their way online and leaks are currently being spread. Stay vigilant and stay away from comment sections as best as you can.

Sony also confirms that no PlayStation 5 news will be included in this episode, so don’t hold your breath waiting, this episode is all about The Last of Us Part II.

If you can attend, join up on either Twitch or YouTube to tune in!