The Last Of Us Part II Gets New Trailer, It’s Not For Everyone

Sony closed out their Paris Games Week conference with a new look on the anniversary of the original reveal one year ago. The trailer is quick to throw you a curve, you’re not sure what you are witnessing and who to watch and cheer for. It only gets darker as the seconds go forward and ends in a dark place.

While I’m not too rocked by the trailer, it’s definitely not for everyone – and it reaffirms the fact that when all goes to hell, we all follow too.

The trailer is also a fake out for those who saw the art released by artist Kevin Tong to celebrate National Outbreak Day on September 26, this post was a new sneak peek at The Last of Us Part II, and what a curveball Naughty Dog threw our way with it. We all thought the image below was either Joel or Ellie wielding a hammer with blood dripping down their forearm – not so; this is an entirely new character in this universe, one that is rumored to be Ellie’s mother.