Taking on enemies in The Last of Us Part II is visceral

The Last of Us Part II Gets Grounded, Permadeath This Week

Naughty Dog has a new update coming to The Last of Us Part II this week as both Grounded and Permadeath is being added to the game.

For veterans of the original game, Grounded Mode might familiar as it is the ultimate difficulty and test of skill. This difficulty raises the stakes by not only making enemies deadlier and ammo, upgrade, and crafting materials incredibly scarce, but also removing invaluable tools for survival, such as disabling Listen mode, deactivating elements of the HUD, and more.

In addition, Permadeath is being added which is a custom mode that gives you one opportunity to complete the game without dying. Permadeath offers checkpoints on a per-chapter or per-act basis. For example, if you’re playing as Ellie on Day 2 and die in the middle, you have to restart from the beginning. It sounds daunting and it is, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

The Grounded update introduces two new Trophies: one for completing the game with any Permadeath mode enabled and another for beating it on Grounded difficulty. Don’t worry, though, neither of these Trophies will be required in order to earn the Platinum.

There is quite a bit coming in the update, which is coming on Thursday. A blog post on Naughty Dog’s website includes a breakdown of what is coming, which includes new graphics, audio, and gameplay modifiers.

TLOUPII Grounded Screenshot 05

I’m going to dabble in the modifiers more than anything, I’ve gotta finish the platinum which I abandoned because of a slew of games arriving after launch but its one I look forward to grabbing. Thankfully, those new trophies aren’t necessary to gain the platinum.