The Last of Us

Sony’s Creator To Creator Highlights The Last Of Us Game And TV Show Colliding

Naughty Dog’s timeless classic The Last of Us is having a moment.

With three episodes to go in the first season of the HBO small-screen adaptation and the PC remaster due out on March 28, fans new and old are following the adventures of Joel and Elle through a year of travelling across the wastes of the American heartland.

In a new episode of Sony’s “Creator to Creator,” Game Director and Co-Creator Neil Druckmann sit down with HBO Executive Producer Craig Mazin, as well as show stars Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie). For good measure, they are all joined by the Head of PlayStation Productions Asad Qizilbash.

Druckmann, who directed an episode of the show, starts off by highlighting the differences in game and film direction. Mainly, that game direction comes with more control over clothing, weather and set. 

Mazin warms himself up to Pascal by making fun of him about how cold he was filming the show’s winter scenes… and adding an industrial stage fan blasting Pascal in the face.

For all of that, Pascal seems unfazed. He was praising Mazin for the realness of shots and the little left to the imagination.

Ramsey jokes that they did a great deal of pissing off Calgarians and Edmontonians, to which Mazin adds that even if they were pissed, they were nice about it.

Druckmann feels like every time he came back to Alberta for shoots, he felt as though he was stepping right into the world of his games.

Perhaps the most endearing moment of this video comes halfway through when Pascal and Ramsey dive into their characters. Both profess to be similar to their onscreen counterparts, which earns a laugh from everyone at the table. 

The final three episodes of The Last of Us for this season premiere on HBO Sundays at 9 PM ET. Those who want to experience Joel and Ellie’s journey can play The Last of Us Part I on PS5 or when it comes to PC on March 28