The Last of Us Part 2

The Last Of Us Part 2 Has Sold More Than 10 Million Copies

During Summer Game Fest, Neil Druckmann took the stage with Geoff Keighley to announce The Last of Us Part I, a full remake built from the ground up for PlayStation 5 and PC.

In addition to that, we got updates on Factions, which is now a standalone game and another multiplayer project coming from Naughty Dog. Druckmann also revealed that The Last of Us Part 2 has sold over 10 million copies since launching in 2020.

“And that kind of support, that kind of success, we’re so grateful to our fans. It has allowed us to grow as a studio and now we can take on multiple projects, more than we’ve ever had at the same time,” said Druckmann on stage.

Naughty Dog is ramping up for a busy year as it readies multiple projects, an HBO adaption of The Last of Us, new games, and more. Recently, Uncharted was given the big-screen treatment to modest success.