The Last Case of Benedict Fox

The Last Case of Benedict Fox Announced

Xbox’s showcase yesterday had a lot of smaller indie games on display and while it’s sure nice to see Starfield and Diablo IV, indie developers are currently offering the best variety of games.

Rogue Games and developer Plot Twist introduced the Metroidvania title The Last Cast of Benedict Fox and alongside Cocoon, join the list of my anticipated titles from the showcase. It’s described as a dark, twisted hauntingly beautiful, action-packed Metroidvania and spectacular addition to Rogue’s ambitious portfolio,” says Matt Casamassina.

“Plot Twist has created a stirring narrative, a stunning world, and deep, satisfying exploration and combat systems to back up the gorgeous presentation. We can’t wait to reveal more about the game leading up to its release in Q1 of next year.”

Set in 1925 Boston, you play as the titular Benedict Fox who must discover the fate of his family while exploring a dark and eerie world of emotions while also battling yourself due to a demon possessing your body. Between the occult and the demons, you’ll be busy trying to make things right.