The iPad Is The Perfect Gateway Into The Apple Ecosystem

Apple’s seventh-generation iPad is hard to resist. I’ve spent some time with the latest iteration of the best-selling tablet and I’m eager to get back to using it for everything I normally do on a PC. In just a few short weeks, the transition for using a laptop to an iPad hasn’t been nearly as bad as I’d thought it would be.

ipad wifi

I’ve own several iPhone models over the years, going as far back as 2007 with the original, never released in Canada, 2G model that Apple introduced to the world. Since then, I stuck exclusively to iOS and eventually bought my first iPad in 2012 with the iPad 2. I loved my tablet and everywhere I went, the device came with me, going all over the world and becoming a source of entertainment for not only myself but my family as well.

Then, with the pace at which technology evolves and pushes us into newer devices every year, my poor iPad 2 was relegated to strictly being an on the couch device, and inevitably, forgotten. At this point, my iPhone got bigger, faster and more impressive and I was over the tablet craze. But with the latest generation iPad, which I’ve fallen in love with again, I’m ready to embrace the new iPad.

As an Editor, I need constant access to my website’s backend and the ability to post on a whim’s notice. So, with the iPad, I’ve been using, and its gorgeous 10.2-inch Retina display and the Smart Keyboard for iPad, I’ve been testing the waters to see what would happen. As it were, nothing happened and posting is as easy as it is on my laptop, which alleviated my anxiety a bit.


The newest iPad sports the Apple A10 Fusion chip comes with 3GB of RAM and has a roughly 10-hour battery life. Also, the new Smart Connector is a new feature on the iPad which allows you to connect a compatible keyboard, and I’m curious to see how the feature will be used. For now, the Smart Keyboard is a nice addition, even if I had some trouble getting it to work initially.

As for my favourite thing about the new iPad – it’s Apple Arcade and the library of games available. I’m on the go constantly and it isn’t possible to bring my PlayStation or Xbox with me in a practical way (Sony recently updated Remote Play and I’m happy with the results) so, Apple decided to team up with hundreds of developers to bring affordable, premium titles for one low price. Your cost of entry into the Apple ecosystem means you’re coming into a ton of games already available. The cost of an iPad starts at $429 and delivers one of the most well-rounded experiences for a tablet.

Hot Lava

Playing games on the iPad is a ton of fun thanks to the ability to pair either an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller via Bluetooth. This is a game-changer for iPadOS and the platform in general, and Apple has extended the feature to macOS, Apple TV, and iOS. It is also easy to pair a device and jump into games like Frogger in Toy Town, Skate City, Bleak Sword and Hot Lava.

Playing on the crisp Retina screen is a blast. Colours pops and visuals stand out wonderfully, after playing on my iPhone for so long, moving to a larger screen feels like a huge transition because the realty offered is double what my iPhone offers. That doesn’t mean I’ve made the transition fully, and the ability to pick up a game I started on my iPad over on my iPhone is possible thanks to iCloud and Game Center.


All in all, the iPad is a wonderful gateway to the Apple Arcade ecosystem. Starting at $429, the iPad does a lot for the price and thanks to the improvements made not only to the hardware but the software too, using Apple’s tablet as a laptop or entertainment device isn’t bad. It’s different but with some hands-on time, I’ve had a hard time moving back to my laptop.

iPad starts at $429 CAD for the Wi-Fi model and $599 CAD for the Wi-Fi + Cellular. Available storage sizes include 32 GB and 128 GB in either Space Grey, Silver, or Gold.