The Invincible

Futuristic Sci-fi Narrative Mystery, The Invincible Launches On November 6

Hands on Demo Playable at Gamescom 2023

It’s time to head to a retro-future this November as publisher, 11-bit studios and developer Starward Industries has announced The Invincible will launch on November 6th in a trailer that shows off new footage. For anyone going to be at this year’s Gamescom on August 23rd through the 27th at Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany, you’ll be able to get a small taste of the game as The Invincible is getting a hands-on demo at the event.

For anyone unfamiliar, The Invincible is a futuristic Sci-Fi narrative mystery thriller that was first revealed back in 2021 and is based on Polisher author, Stanislaw Lem’s novel of the very same name which features a retro-futuristic tech and vibe. The game will see players inserted into the space boots of astrobiologist, Yasna who lands on the planet of Regis 3 with her crew with events quickly going south as she must search for her lost crew “dead or alive.” The philosophical nature of the events on Regis III will make Yasna forever question the scale of humankind’s ambitions.

“On the surface, it may seem that Regis III is uninhabited but that doesn’t mean the people who visit here can feel like unopposed rulers,” the game’s press release describes.

The Invincible is set to release on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG). PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on November 6th.