The Imposter Factory Is A New Game From To The Moon Creator

When To the Moon launched way back in 2011, indie-darling Freebird Games delivered one of the most memorable, sweet, and charming titles I’d ever played up to that point. With a stunning soundtrack complimenting the release, I wanted more from Ken Gao.

As it were, Ken Gao has revealed a new image for what is a new title from Freebird Games. Not much is know about The Imposter Factory but the image reveals a woman dressed up in gala attire and her silhouette is framed within a door. It’s a bold image and I like the teaser that’s attached to the image.

Judging from the image and the description of the video, this is a far cry from what To the Moon was about. I’m all for seeing what Gao is up to with his latest creation! The Imposter Factory is currently in development but there are no platforms announced.