The Horror: Mansion

The Horror: Mansion Is a New Anthology Horror Video Game Book

Lost In Cult and Fangamer have teamed up for this release

“Before you is a house. A house of creeky floors. A house of long corridors. A house of rooms drowned in shadows. A house no living thing should enter.”

A creepy and unsettling opening to a collaboration between Lost In Cult and Fangamer called, The Horror: Mansion.

It’s the first in an anthology series of stories, featuring a number of prolific writers and artists. The hardcover book will tackle castles, houses, and terror-filled fields from games like Resident Evil and House of the Dead, to Rule of Rose and Iron Lung.

“(The book) features over 200 pages of frights from some of the best artists and writers in gaming. Including Siren Head creator Trevor Henderson, Citizen Sleeper creator Gareth Damien Martin, Undertale creator Toby Fox, Plastiboo, ThorHighHeels, Jenn Frank,” and more.

The Horror: Mansion will have a number of featured interviews from the inspirational developers and writers that worked on classics such as Resident Evil, Mystery House, Amnesia, Alone in the Dark, and more.


The creators say there’s also a Kickstarteer-like incentive: “The more our little terror is supported, the bigger it grows. Here are some stretch goals that plunge the depths of your nightmares…”

At 1,500 units, The Horror: Mansion will have black paper edges and debossed elements on its cover. If sales reach 2,000, the tier will “allow us to commission additional interior gatefold art, unleashing Mansion’s true terrifying potential.”

At 2,500, Fangamer and Lost In Cult will add 38 pages with more writers and artists on board. Finally, at 3,000 orders, there will be a glow-in-the-dark cover on the book.

The Horror: Mansion is available for preorder between now and December 6th, with a projected release date of Q3 2024.