The First Descendant

New The First Descendant Gameplay and Beta Dates Unveiled

The Unreal 5 3rd person shooter gave us a better look at its gameplay

Gamescom 2023 gave us a closer look at the PvE third-person shooter, The First Descendant from Nexon Games.

The new trailer showed some impressive visuals using Unreal Engine 5 and gave us hints at what might be happening in the story. There’s not too much to unpack, but then the action starts, and we’re given a decent look at some gameplay. With only a few glimpses of what’s in store on release, I’m getting a little feel of Destiny 2 and Warframe—an exciting combo.

After some background about the conflict between Descendants and the Vulgus alien invaders, the guns emerge, and the abilities start flying! The screen is littered with particle effects, explosions, gunplay, and eventually massive creatures and robotic enemies known as Colossi.

Each one shown here has its style and movement, along with what appears to be its weaknesses. You can take down these colossal Vulgus as a team and seize the day. A few quick shots show some characters climbing on top and slashing away at weak points.

You can take these abilities and weapons and put them to the test as The First Descendant free-to-play Crossplay Open Beta will be on Steam, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series consoles starting September 19th.