The Finals Cashes In With New Solo Game Mode and Bug Fixes

Update 1.5 also comes with a number of bug fixes

The Finals is one of the biggest newcomers to the first-person, online arena shooter genre.

The free-to-play and online squad-based game has been holding its own over the last several months since it launched in late 2023. Today, the next big update to the game and Season One was announced. Let’s take a look at the new solo mode and some of the behind-the-scenes changes.

The in-game hosts of The Finals narrate the brief 30-second trailer. They explain the Solo Bank as a 12-person match, with each player vying for their cash total to win the match.

The first player to obtain a total of 40,000 Cash wins. Like standard Bank It, contestants earn Cash by collecting and depositing Coins that drop from eliminated players or can be found in Vaults around the map.

Embark Studios, creators of the game, have also been tweaking The Finals since week one: bug fixes, anti-cheat improvements, store updates, and balance changes.

For those familiar with the game, some changes include:

  • Game Show events starting in minute four, moving them up by two minutes.
  • Team wipe respawn time has increased in most modes, including Ranked.
  • Damage increases to the rocket launcher, M11, V9S, and more.

Head to their Patch Notes page to see the full list, including many UI tweaks.

If you haven’t tried the game, there are many ways to do so: The Finals is available now on PC via Steam, the Xbox Game Store, the PlayStation Store, and on cloud streaming on Nvidia GeForce NOW.