The Finals 5v5

The Finals’ New Game Mode Brings the 5v5 Action

The limited time event starts this week!

The Finals is introducing another mode for a limited time. Terminal Attack isn’t messing around either, adding two more players to each side of the fight giving us 5v5 action for the first time in the online multiplayer shooter.

The mode is also bringing some added intensity with no revives or healing, in a seven round showdown of attack and defend.

Terminal Attack is a back and forth match, with each team taking their turn attacking or defending. Attackers will use a decryption key to unlock a vault and take cash. Defenders will be doing all they can to stop this from happening.

Because this is a round-based mode, the map will have persistent destruction between each swap. So if you blew a floor into bits last round, that will remain destroyed for all seven rounds.

Terminal Attack will launch on May 2nd along with The Finals 2.6.0 update.