The Finals

Former Battlefield Head Reveals The Finals, New Project From Embark Studios

Patrick Söderlund, formerly of DICE has resurfaced ready to show his studio’s first game — The Finals, a new squad-based free-to-play title that uses a gameshow as its backdrop.

With Nexon, Embark Studios is taking inspiration from battle royale games. In the case of The Finals it’s got hints of The Hunger Games and also Squid Games to draw inspiration from. Set in a virtual and destructible world where players will tune in from around the world, how you play is up to you. Whether you want to go in recklessly or be precise. Using real-world locations you are able to alter and exploit the landscape to win.

A closed alpha is planned to start on September 29, which you can sign up for here and will be live through October 3, 2022. The test is meant to test the core features of The Finals and will be available in North America and Europe.