The Final Piece Of DLC For Marvel’s Spider-Man Out December 21

Insomniac Games and PlayStation revealed that the newest and final piece of content for Marvel’s Spider-Man, is out next. This piece of content will conclude The City That Never Sleeps series of stories that began in October.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Silver Lining, Silver Sable makes her return and attempts to reclaim her stolen Sable International tech. With New York Police Chief Yuri Watanabe on administrative leave following her exploits against Hammerhead, Spider-Man will have to rely on unlikely allies to keep Marvel’s New York safe.

Silver Lining features new story missions, new and upgraded enemies, as well as new bases to clear out. In addition, there’s also new trophies to unlock, challenges to complete, and most importantly – new suits!

The three new suits look really good. The first, is a movie tie-in with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in theaters December 14. You’ll also be able to unlock the Cyborg Spider-Man suit and the Aaron Aikman Spider-Armor.

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If this is something you want to check out, you can purchase the content for roughly $14 CAD on the PlayStation Store, as a standalone or for roughly $32 CAD which includes all three episodes of The City That Never Sleeps series of stories.