The Final Downloadable Content For Arkham Knight Available Tomorrow

TDKBatman10The final piece of the season pass for Batman: Arkham Knight will be available for purchase starting tomorrow. There will be four new villains to capture and bring to justice, the Dark Knight bat suit from the Nolanverse to explore Gotham City in and more to sink your teeth into!

Check out the video below to get the scoop on what to expect.

In the final Arkham Insider of 2015, get all the info you need to prepare for the Season of Infamy, coming on December 22. The team at Rocksteady also gives you an exclusive first look at the 2008 Movie Batman Skin, and the story of how it was made from our Game Director, Sefton Hill.

Also in this episode, find out how Catwoman exacts her revenge on Riddler in a new Arkham Episode story pack. Get a sneak peak at some new decals for the Batmobile, as well as some new race tracks so you can see them in action.