The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Launch Trailer


The video runs through the system changes, the justice system, the champion system, endgame content, new animations and more. The video showcases a majority of change in the now rebranded “Tamriel Unlimited.”

Tomorrow’s Tamriel Unlimited launch for PC marks the beginning of the MMORPG’s “buy-to-play” business model. Players must buy a copy of the game to play, however a game subscription will no longer be required (note: current players do not have to repurchase the game).

Although not required, players who choose to maintain a $14.99 a month subscription will have their accounts upgraded to an ESO Plus premium membership. Membership privileges include access to all future DLC releases, an allotment of in-game currency to spend in the new Crown Store cash shop, and a 10% bonus to XP, gold gain, crafting research, and inspiration.

To help promote the Tamriel Unlimited launch, ZOS released a new marketing video late last week. The video highlights the upcoming changes to the game, focusing primarily on Update 1.6 and the B2B business model. You can check out the video below.



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