The Division 2 Skips Steam, Goes With Epic Games Store

Epic is really trudging on Valve’s territory lately and this latest power move really shows that. Not bad for a storefront that only launched in early December as a direct competitor to Valve’s Steam storefront. The biggest difference is how Steam and Epic splits revenues from game sales. Epic only rakes a 12 percent cut of sales while Steam takes 30 percent but last month revised their sales protocols.

It’s also why you don’t see big games like Fortnite and Overwatch on Steam as publishers often feel Steam takes far too much for what they offer. So far though, the Epic Games Store has been favourable for indie developers but that’s looking to change now as yesterday Ubisoft and Epic announced that The Division 2 would launch only on Epic Games Store.

In a statement to PC World, Ubisoft confirmed the news and said “Ubisoft has no plans on releasing the Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 on Steam. It was a business decision to focus on Epic Store and Ubisoft Store for distribution of The Division 2 on PC. Ubisoft fully supports Epic and their third-party distribution model, which is in the long-term, beneficial for publishers both large and indie and the video games industry. We hope this partnership helps to validate and evolve the model.”

Of course, this means that only two places on PC will officially offer The Division 2: Epic Games Store and Ubisoft’s Store.